Scenario 1

You are pouring an irregular shaped footing and you think you will need between 1 and 2 metres of concrete. Assume the Mobile Mixer and the Ready Mix truck both charge $100.00 per meter for the concrete. After completing the job you find that you used 1.5 meters of concrete.

With the Ready Mix truck you would typically order at least 2 meters of concrete to make sure you don't run short. This will cost you $200.00. You just paid for 0.5 of a meter of concrete that you didn't even use.

With the Mobile Mixer you would tell the dispatcher you need at least 2 meters of concrete. After only mixing 1.5 meters your bill for the same job would be $150.00. This would give you a $50.00 savings.

Scenario 2

You are pouring 20 metres of 10cm pavement 120cm wide. You calculate that it will take 2.4 metres and you place your order. Again assume the concrete is $100.00 per metre. Unfortunately, somebody forgot to check the depth of the pavement and it was actually 12.5cm deep. The actual amount needed was 3 cubic metres.

With the Ready Mix truck you order 2.4 metres and this costs you $240.00. You run short by 0.6 cubic metres so you call dispatch to order another truck. They tell you they can have another truck out to you but it won't be until 4pm and you will have to pay for a whole metre and the delivery. This additional truck cost you another $100.00. Once again you pay for 0.4 metre that you don't even use. Your total cost is $440.00 for 3.4 cubic metres of concrete plus overtime for your crew.

With the Mobile Mixer we mix the 3 cubic meters of concrete and we charge you $300.00 for the concrete. Your total bill is only $300.00 for 3 cubic meters of concrete. Your savings are $140.00 the time and aggravation.