Eco Footprint 

We realise that the manufacture of cement is up there with the worst of contributors towards green house gases.  So in terms of that, there is not much we can offer. 

Apart from this, did you realise that over the lifetime of a ready mixed concrete “item”, that it will re-absorb virtually all of the CO2 that was released in the manufacture of the cement for its production?

Consequently and coupled with the fact that we cut back, on average, ten percent of the over production of a “normal” ready mixed plant.  Then the saving of all those natural resources that HAVEN’T  been turned into “wasted”, over produced ready mixed concrete, we are already well on the way.  

To add to that, the fossil fuels saved by not having to both produce and have trucks running 2 ways, is another simple move in the right direction.  As we produce on site the volume required. 

In terms of the product we are producing and the times we live in, our feelings are that we are making a farely substantial input into the problem of  green house gas reduction and still having the most volumous and flexible building product on the planet.