Technology and Equipment

Here at eConcrete Ltd, we invest heavily in the latest and greatest technology. We feel this is a worthwhile investment as it means only the best for you. Our state of the art efficient mixers mean that we can produce ready mix concrete on site to the exact amount that you require for your job, meaning there is no left over wastage and you get the exact amount of fresh concrete that you paid for.

The materials needed to produce the concrete are carried in separate compartments on the truck, these components can then be metered and mixed into fresh concrete. This means there is no waste of materials and we are able to produce ready mix concrete on site.

Thanks to the wireless remote control, we can also control the texture and flow of the concrete, making it applicable to any job.

No waste.  Ultimate value for money.

Thanks to these revolutionary mixers we can work out the exact mixture you'll need on the day. However, if you would like a quote on the cost and quantity of the amount of concrete you need, then feel free to try our volume calculator, you can then send the result to us via the contact form along with your details and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.